Mailing address

Box 391. 101 27


Telephone helpline

08-710 02 45

Postgiro: 52 08 90-5
Bankgiro: 206-3287

Do you want to be contacted? Do you want to ask or tell FARR about something?
Email or use the contact form!

You can contact us via the contact formor via email, or snail mail. We at FARR work mainly on a non-profit basis and sometimes it can take time for us to respond, but we will return as soon as we can.

If you want to recommend a detainee to contact us

Maybe the person wants to ask something or book an appointment with us before we come out on our visiting hours (during Covid-19 video calls only). Please announce that it is very good if the person writes: name, phone number, department, what he/she needs help with and if he/she wants an interpreter when we meet. The detention visiting group’s email address:


The information you provide in the coupon will reach the team that monitors FARR’s mailbox, just as if you had emailed to The team consists of volunteers who work under the leadership of a person in charge within FARR’s board and with full regard for your integrity. We will use no personal information outside of our conversation with you. Issues addressed to FARR as an organization are forwarded to those responsible on the board. FARR’s chairperson is responsible for personal data.