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Please observe that the magazine is mostly in Swedish!

Membership including two copies of FARR magazine, Artikel 14: 300 skr/year

(please observe that most communication within FARR is in Swedish)
Membership including FARR magazine, Artikel 14: 250 skr/year
Membership including FARR magazine, Artikel 14, for students, unemployed or newly arrived: 150 skr/year
Membership for asylumseekers and undocumented: 50 skr/year
Family member (no copy of Artikel 14, allowed if a full paying member is staying at the same address): 50 skr/year

Subscription to FARR magazine, Artikel 14, for individuals: 200 skr/ year
Subscription for institution/organization: 250 skr/ year

FARR applies membership and subscription per calendar year.
If you subscribe in the spring or summer you will receive a new payment card at the beginning of the following year. But you are assured that your subscription will last a whole year from when you started subscribing, regardless of whether you choose to renew.
If you begin to subscribe during fall you will be counted as a subscriber for the entire following year.

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