From Norway to Afghanistan

Turkish Airlines' Unethical Business and The Dangerous Road to Quetta

(...) En afghansk flyktningvenn av meg, Abdul Ghafoor, har nylig blitt deportert fra Norge til Kabul. Dette er hans førstehandsfortelling om den nåværende situasjonen i Afghanistan for ham og mange flere som deportertes ukentlig fra Europa til Kabul (...)

Artikeln med vittnesmålet av Abdul Ghafoor publicerades i "Flyktning i Norge" 28 april 2013

I passed two precious months of my life in a prison in Horten Norway only because of being an asylum seeker who had asked for protection from a Government who is the flag raiser of human rights in the world. Keeping me with Norwegian and European Criminals in a high security prison (Horten Fengslet) by itself was a question for me.

After two months I was finally taken to Trandum deport centre on 21st April 2013 and was kept there for two days before being deported. On 23rd April at 4 PM we were handed to foreign affairs police and taken direct to the Airport. There was 11 foreign affairs police officers with 6 of us being deported from Norway.

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