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Update on expulsion to Afghanistan

bus from detention to Arlanda(Updated)
Finally a deportation charter flight took off for Kabul, Afghanistan, yesterday night. A flight of 24 deportees was said to be stopped by Ministries in Afghanistan but it seems that a shorter list of 13 men was later accepted, 11 of which were really expelled. Two families were released from detention. Some others, among them the journalist Sahar Samet and her well known father Asadollah Samet, were taken away from the original list but are still in detention.

Three persons from the Embassy of Afghanistan visited Märsta detention centre yesterday and talked to all deportees, without changing the decisions as far as we know. But one person must have been taken away from the list at some point, as only 12 men were picked up by police in late afternoon and taken to Arlanda airport by bus (picture).

Protesters gathered outside the Märsta detention and in the entrance sat the crying wife and children of one of the men. But the huge police force did their job, (and smashed one of the young female protesters to the ground in passing). Some protesters were upset by the fate of the split family and their dispute with the police ended with three of the protesters taken to temporary arrest.

One man who was on the list was brought to the plane though he could show court decision from the day before giving him inhibition due to new dangerous circumstances. After two hours he was released from the plane thanks to intervention from support persons and lawyer.

What I relate is what I happened to see and hear from Märsta and from network - other stories will certainly appear.

The plane arrived in Kabul 8.10 today and it seems that all 11 were let into the country. This was a big disappointment for those who were forced to leave in spite of expectations that all forced expulsions would be stopped, at least temporarily.

If Afghanistan border officers let these men in - whereof many are from dangerous places or fear personal threats - then I think no precious words from Ministers will stop the Sweden authorities from further forced deportations. Why should they bother?

Let us not forget that good work in both Afghanistan and Sweden saved lives, if eleven persons were expelled out of the originally planned 24. Whatever, we will have to go on fighting for every refugee's right to protection and end of deportations to insecure situations.

Sanna Vestin

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