Demonstration ended but the fight will continue

dont denyThe asylum seekers' manifestation outside the Parliament buildings in Stockholm is now closed after almost two weeks. Some members of parliament (from the left, the center and liberals) have promised to raise the unfair rules of the temporary law again in the parliament. The demonstration also got some attention in media. The asylum seekers were satisfied for now with these acchievements, but they have decided to come back for a new sit-in in the middle of September.

The member organizations of FARR are invited to announce their local activities at the demonstration's facebook site.

The main demand from the demonstration was that those who seeked asylum already before the law was announced on November 24th last year should not be affected of it, even if they arrived here without children. But there are many other unfair parts of the law, affecting different groups. Read more about it here.

Many details of the law and its consequences was discussed at an indoor meeting housed by the Workers' Educational Association, ABF, in Stockholm, last Saturday. Sanna Vestin, chair of FARR, and the lawyer Kristina Tollbäck informed an answered questions about the law. Law students from "Asylrättstudenterna" contributed with legal advice in groups.

Those around 150 persons who attended the meeting also discussed different ways to fight the law. Many asylum seekers hope that politicians will change their minds when they hear about the consequences. The asylum seekers also search for legal ways, perhaps in international courts, to challenge discriminating parts of the law. Sanna Vestin promised to forward the ideas to lawyers, but warned of too high expectations of a quick fix. The fight for understanding and solidarity must involve both asylum seekers and other inhabitants, not only at Mynttorget, she said.

FARR has now urged its member organizations to inform the protesters about local arrangements, may it be legal advice, language trainings or manifestations. This could be an opportunity to join forces when the demonstrators have come back to their camps.

Find contact information for FARR organizations here

Read more in the demonstration's facebook group - mostly in Arabic