Ahmad Zaki Khalil: This is not fair!

Ahmad Zaki Khalil, board member of FARR, provided a letter from FARR about the upcoming deportations to Mr. Farhad Azimi, Deputy chief of the parliament of Afghanistan. Mr Azimi requested the parliament members to agree on the questioning of the Minister of Foreign affairs, the Minister of migration and repatriation and the Minister of finance. After this, "Zaki" interviewed Mr Azimi.

According to Mr Azimi, the ministers all appeared in the parliament. The minister of refugees and repatriation rejected the expulsion of 80000 Afghans from Europe but agreed that they are going to sign agreements with the host countries in order to deport those afghans who have passed at least 3 stages of asylum. With 3 stages he means the equivalents of the Swedish Migration agency, the Migration court and the High court of appeal.

The representatives of the host countries have already had meetings with the minister in order to negotiate on the deportations and they have apparently convinced the minister that all the afghan asylum seekers go through a-3-stage process and those vulnerable to protection would get positive decisions to stay and those who don’t should be sent back.

Ministers not aware of identity problems

Zaki comments: - The minister of Migration and Repatriation has no idea that Afghans are not able to prove their identities in the first steps of asylum application and this ends up to a routine negative decisions. There are many Afghan asylum seekers who have got negative decisions even before the embassy opened in Stockholm. It means there are thousands of Afghans who are holding negative decisions mostly because they were not able to prove their identities.

- This is not fair! The minister has no clue that there are Afghans who can’t even get the chance to appear in the court, says Zaki. - The minister has no clue that many documents from Afghanistan including Tazkiras are not accepted. The minister believes that the asylum cases of Afghans are correctly examined whereas, the Migration Agency looks at Afghan cases as numbers, not as people fleeing war and security threats.

- This is obviously insane

- This is obviously insane. The Taliban IS and other insurgent groups have the control of many districts and even big cities of Afghanistan and they have even entered the capital Kunduz province just today. The situation is getting worse day by day and public causalities have tremendously increased. The continued presence of the NATO and ISAF troops inside Afghanistan is a clear example of how bad the security situation of Afghanistan is, says Zaki.

He points out that there are thousands of Afghan refugees being forcibly deported from Pakistan and Iran but are still on the roads. - The minister have several time confessed that they are never able to provide shelter to all those - how come can they provide helps and supports to those being deported from Europe? The Afghan government should first of all try to help those who are back from Pakistan and Iran with at least security or shelter and then to think about signing an agreement on the return of Afghan asylum seekers from Europe.

Disappointed with the minister of migration

Zaki is especially disappointed with the Afghan Minister of migration and repatriation.

- The minister has said in so many radio interviews, even one with the Swedish radio, that he never will agree on a forced deportation and that they are not at least able to provide supports to them returning from Pakistan and Iran. In another clip the minister said that he totally disagrees about the forced deportations and confesses that they are not able to provide the returnees with supports and shelters. He says in this clip: DON’T DEPORT AFGHANS - IF SO, WE WILL DEPORT THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY ARE DEPORTED FROM.