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rutor 2018 februari
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HEMENGLISHFARR policy in EnglishTemporary residence permits

Temporary residence permits

According to a temporary law adopted in July of 2016, all residence permits issued on protection grounds are to be temporary rather than permanent. Despite the temporary nature of the rules adopted in July of 2016, indications are strong that temporary residence permits will permanently be the norm from now on, which is something FARR views with great concern. We strongly oppose the proposal from the EU commission to make temporary permits prescribed in the Common European Asylum System (CEAS).

Different kinds of temporary residence permits contribute to an unjustified categorization of groups of asylum seekers, leaving some excluded from crucial rights such as the right to reunite with one’s family. The current system of issuing temporary residence permits as a norm, effectively condemns refugees to an uncertain future.

The temporary law requires that an asylum seeker acquires a permanent job in order to be granted a permanent residence permit. Such requirements for the acquisition of a permanent residence permit are thought to stimulate integration. Instead, it is counter-productive to the integration of asylum seekers since normal pathways into the labour market such as internships and temporary positions do not fulfill the requirements set in the law. Vulnerable groups such as asylum seekers with disabilities are efficiently excluded from the possibility of gaining a permanent residence permit. The protection granted to these groups is also less robust, since their protection status is subject to renewed assessment every time their residence permit comes up for renewal.

We are similarly concerned that the proposal for a new asylum procedure regulation stipulates that the protection status of an asylum seekers shall be subject to a renewed assessment every time a residence permit is subject to renewal, considering that experience has shown that durable and long-term solutions for refugees are much more beneficial for their successful integration into their new host country.




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