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Note: Some rules have changed since July 20, e.g. concerning the possibility of a permanent residence permit and family reunification. “Good Advice” will be updated!

Applying for asylum in Sweden is a difficult process if one is unaware of one’s rights and duties. We have compiled some advice, as well as references to sources of information, laws, and directions to people and organizations that can help you if you are about to seek asylum or help someone else with their asylum application. You can always contact local FARR groups or board for more help and advice.

The version 5.03 of FARR’s book Good Advice for Asylum Seekers in Sweden is updated August 2019. This version include information on the current Aliens Act and the law on temporary restrictions to obtaining a residence permit in Sweden including the senior secondary school law. Amendments of the Aliens Act made after July 2019 are not included. Good Advice is “shareware”. The files can be downloaded free, but costs for translations and layout are high. If you can afford it, you are requested to pay at least 100 skr for the file or 30 skr for every member of a course. Pay in Sweden with Swish to 1233278983 or to plusgiro 520890-5. IBAN for payments from abroad is SE97 9500 0099 6042 0520 8905, Bic: NDEASESS. Thank you for the contribution!

Good Advice is layouted to be printed. Please observe that it should be printed with two pages at every ordinary A4 sheet of paper in your printer, or be printed on smaller A5 sheets. Language versions of the same edition can be read beside each other, with the same pagination of the chapters in every language.

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Translations: Michael Williams (English), Juan-Carlos Romans (Spanish), Leo Malaxos (Arabic), Jonas Lal (Farsi, Persian) and Alexander Vårfält (Russian).

Copyright. Good advice is published by FARR, the Swedish network of refugee support groups. Copyright Sanna Vestin, sanna.vestin(at) Printing and copying are allowed. Changes are not allowed. Provide

Here you can download a flyer with information about “Good Advice”

Current notices of new judgments and revised guidelines can be found in Asylnytt, specifically on the page on jurisdiction. To be sure of getting up-to-date information on how the rules are interpreted, you should always check the Migration Board’s website if practices have changed. See also the Migration Agency’s database Lifos for information on country of origin and positions from important agencies. In the Swedish Code of Statutes, you will find the Aliens Act (SFS2005: 716) and the Temporary Act (Limitation Act).


The first edition of Good Advice was produced in 2007 in cooperation with the Brotherhood Movement – Sweden’s Christian social democrats, co-financed by the European Refugee Fund. In 2009, translations into Spanish and Arabic were financed by Save the Children. Good Advice was updated in 2011, in all the language versions, to reflect changes in law and precedent. At the same time, the publication was translated into English and Russian. This part of the project was paid for by Emmaus Björkå. Minor updates were also made in 2012 and 2013. In 2013 FARR commissioned a translation of the handbook into Farsi. At the end of 2014, the material was updated once again, this time as part of a higher-level course in practical humanitarian law. These revisions led to the 2015 edition. Translations were paid for by the Church of Sweden. The current edition 5 was made by FARR with financial help for translations and layout from MUCF, The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. Translation of edition 5-02 is sponsored by the City Mission of Stockholm and the Church of Sweden.

The 2019 update was made to include “the senior secondary school law” as well as changes in the temporary law from July 2019. This edition was produced by FARR in collaboration with the Gertrude and Ivar Philipson Foundation.